About us

No Mosquito Ltd.

About us

Our company was established in 2011 to provide the professional background for environmentally responsible mosquito control in Hungary. Our major activities include the mapping of the larvae of biting mosquitoes, the management of mosquito control by chemical and biological means, the conduct of scientific research, the preparation of expert opinions and the conduct of analyses required for the licensing of pesticides, etc.

Unfortunately, since the start of organised mosquito control in Hungary (1976) the predominant control practices have involved the spraying of general chemical pesticides from aircraft. We are the only company in Hungary that could drastically reduce the size of the area subjected to chemical mosquito control and hence the implied costs.

Company owners:
Dr. Zita Gajda - CV
Dr. Ádám Szepesszentgyörgyi - CV

Membership: European Mosquito Control  Association (EMCA)