Equipment we use when mapping breeding sites:

We apply novel methods and unique technology for the prevention of mosquito infestation and of human exposure in an environmentally responsible manner. Our most important tasks include the mapping and possible destruction of the breeding sites of mosquitoes, or making them accessible for ground-based applications.

Equipment used for area sizing, route tracking and positioning:

  • Trimble Juno 3B GPS navigation systems
  • 4 pieces Garmin eTrex20x GPS navigation systems
  • i-gotU GT800 GPS travel logger
  • Samsung galaxy Xcover2 smart phone
  • Apple Iphone SE smart phone
  • AKAH laser range finder

 Vehicles/equipment used for field visits:

  • ARGO 8*8 700 HD EU amphibious vehicle
  • AGADOS (301x180x35cm) trailer
  • Dacia Duster 4x4 SUV
  • HUDSON New SEVYLOR kayak
  • several pairs of thigh high boots, hunting boots and steel toe rubber boots,
  • fishing boots

 Tools used for landscaping (plant arrangement):

  • florabest petrol engine grass cutter
  • florabest battery operated edger
  • battery operated handheld grass and hedge trimmer
  • florabest grass cutter and hedge scissors, as well as scythes

 Equipment used for the precision treatment of the breeding grounds of biting mosquitoes by biological methods:

  • two 14 litre backpack sprayer
  • two 10 litre backpack sprayer
  • one 5 litre garden sprayer

 Equipment used for the identification of the species composition of the mosquito population, and for determining the toxicity of the applied mosquito control products:

  • 1 laboratory
  • 1 minilab (for minor tasks)
  • 6 microscopes suitable for capturing digital images (magnification range: 10 to 1200*)
  • 1000-5000 μL micropipette
  • 100-1000 μL micropipette
  • 100 μL micropipette
  • laboratory equipment required for identification (containers, dishes, centrifuge tubes, etc.)

 Equipment used for measuring the extent of mosquito infestation:

  • 3 BG-Sentinel mosquito traps + CO2 cylinder + Octenol mosquito attractant
  • 1 glass suction tube
  • several self-developed, unbreakable suction tubes

 Equipment used for monitoring the breeding sites of the larvae of biting mosquitoes:

  • Approximately 20 sampling containers with telescopic handle (140 cm - 400 cm long) /self-developed device/

 Digital equipment:

  • 2 desktop PCs, 1 notebook, 3 tablets
  • 1 SONY VPL-EW275 professional projector
  • 1 digital video camera
  • 5 digital cameras
  • 1 endoscope camera
  • 1 action camera
  • 5 digital microscopes